Lots happened during the past month

On April 30th, I ran my second half marathon and beat my previous time by 6-7 minutes! It was my first time running trails and was a scenic experience. Since a few weeks ago, I have been running the American River Bike Trail/Jadediah Smith Memorial Trail for my long runs instead of stop-and-go intersections and stop lights.

American Parkway Half Marathon

Unlike my first half marathon, the Shamrock’N Half, I was able to get out of bed the next day and ran the Pony Express 5K the next day and won first place in my age group. I enjoyed the event and will be running the full marathon next year. There were some issues with the event such as the horses going the wrong direction cutting the 5K course around 0.4 miles short, speakers kept cutting out during the beginning of the half/full marathon race and the 5K half an hour later, very few to no waste containers, and little notice to the residence and businesses along the marathon route (road closures). However, this was an inaugural event, I hope these issues are resolved the next time around. On a side note, I met Melvin Nyairo from the Facebook group “A Year of Running”, he is an triathlete and was pacing the 1:30 half marathon group. (He recently won the National Beer Mile run in Sacramento)

During mid-May, I ran the Capital City Classic 10 Miler. While running, I had a thought to myself that some of the course felt familiar. The course started and ended at River Walk Park in West Sacramento and ran some of the same loops around as the FroYo Run, my first race.

Capital City Classic 10 Miler

A week later, I ran the No Excuses 5K with my buddy Calvin. It was a reminder of my second race that looped and went through William Land Park, the Urban Cow 5K. I was able to finally able to PR my 5K since the past few races were under 5K in distance.
No Excuses 5K with Calvin

Since the past two weeks, Sacramento received a heatwave and it was 90-100 degrees around the early evening. Running in those temperatures is almost unbearable for me. I started running in the morning and mustered up my willingness to waking up even earlier (4:30am) on Wednesday/Friday to run with their 5:30am and 6:00am group at the State Capitol. They are friendly and awesome group of runners. Most of them run faster than me which gives me a decent speed workout chasing the leader, Chris. 🙂 (At or above my 5K pace) With a 1.7mi warm-up and 1.7mi cooldown to and from the California State Capitol and a 5-6 mile run (5:30 & 6:00) with 9RUN6, I’m completely drenched in sweat at mid-high 50s temperature early morning.