A Year into Running (Transforming weaknesses into strengths through running)

Looking back, I have accomplished so much in a year…
A Year of Racing

On June 18th, I made it through one year of running. At first, I was just training to run a 5K with friends, but crossing the finish line at my first race changed me. During the months from June-September of my 5K training, I ran alone during the evening and early morning (11pm-6am). It was not until my second 5K, Urban Cow, I visited my local specialty store, Fleet Feet Sacramento, for race packet pickup and discovered they host Tuesday Fun Run. I started participating in their group runs every week. Later, discovered Sacramento Running Association and started attending their monthly running events (now called RUNdezvous). During SRA’s event in November where they partnered with New Helvetia Brewing Co. and Sloppy Moose Running Club, I discovered another weekly running group and started running with Sloppy Moose when the moose awoken in February. During some of my runs with Sloppy Moose, I’ve seen some runners tagged with 9RUN6 on their clothing. I found out they were a running/fitness group, but I did not start running with them until a week before Global Running Day because it was so early in the morning!

As some may or may not know, I am a very shy (super-introvert) person. I’m putting myself out there through group runs and races to overcome my shyness, meet other athletes/runners in the community, make friends, inspire others who just started running or weight loss, and to push myself outside of my comfort zone. I am still a bit of a distance person, but I’m really working on it!

Running helped me deal with stress and the occasional depression as well.

Health and weight loss are the other reasons. I’ve been overweight or obese my entire life, and running is keeping my weight in check while I still have a few more pounds to shed. Other forms of cardio including rowing on my Concept2 erg. Indoor cardio felt boring over time in a confined space. Running allowed me to explore my surroundings and expanded my sensory experience (sight, smell, and hearing), as well as feeling the breeze of fresh air flowing through me.

Today, I am rediscovering myself and putting limitations I once had behind me. Pushing myself to be better than the day before and challenging my body.

I will be contributing an hour each week to my blog instead of just once a month. More content to come soon!