Lets talk about Goals

Today is exactly 18 weeks away from the California International Marathon. Have I started training for CIM, my first marathon, yet?

I started training a few weeks ago, but I am not following one of those 18-Week plans out there. I took a look several plans including Jeff Galloway, Hanson, Jack Daniels, Peter Pfitzinger, Hal Higdon, and Boston Athletic Association.

Since I’m running with about 8 miles to/from 9RUN6 (Monday, Wednesday, & Friday), 5-6 miles with Fleet Feet Sacramento (depending on the temperature) on Tuesday, 5 miles with Sloppy Moose Running Club on Thursday, and planning to do some long runs with 9RUN6 on Saturday, I do not think any of the plans will fit my schedule. On top of all that, I will be doing some 5K, 10K, a 10-Miler, a Half Marathon, and a 20-Miler races during some of the weekends.

I will implementing some of those plans (easy, tempo, interval, long runs, moderate, and etc) into my weekly schedule and adding doubles to my weekdays as I increase my weekly mileage. I will be doing mainly bodyweight exercises, plyometrics, and rowing as my cross-training activity as well.

What are my current goals?

  • Sub-2hr Half Marathon for Urban Cow
  • Complete my first full marathon

For CIM, my goal is to complete the race, but I will attempt to train for 3:55-4:05 finish time. I will adjust my goals according to my training, but with my 5K and 10K times, my estimated finish time is around 4:15.

I’m setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals


  • Lose 10-15lb by Urban Cow (140-145lb)
  • Lose 20-25lb by CIM (130-135lb)


  • It will make running easier on my joints and improve my body composition (fat/muscle ratio). Increase my performance in running.


  • Losing 1-2lb a week is healthy amount of weight to lose per week. That is a 500-1000 calorie deficit each day through diet and exercise
  • I will be eating less processed foods and more vegetables to satisfy hunger which will cut down on calories consumed
  • I will be food preping (Tupperware meals) for majority of the days each week


  • For each pound lost, I should be able to run about 2 seconds quicker per mile.


  • 18 weeks should be enough time to train for the marathon and allow my body adapt to the increasing distance. For weight loss, as long as I am disciplined mentally and physically, the goals set are achievable.

Good luck on your goals and training!