Race Report: 5K Run/Walk & Superheroes Kids’ Run (No Excuses 5K)

Date: May 22, 2016
Location: William Land Park

No Excuses 5K

The morning of the race had great weather, not too hot or cold. I took the light rail to Sacramento City College, then walked across campus and across the street to William Land Park.

The amount of restrooms available kept lines short; however, the portable sinks ran out of water and paper towels, so I had to use the park’s restroom to rinse off the soap.

While the Kids’ 1/4, 1/2 and 1-Mile Runs were going on, I warmed up by running the course in reverse for 1-1.5 miles and back again. The course is a scenery loop within William Land Park similar to the route for Urban Cow 5K and the ZooZoom 5K. The course itself was relatively flat and there were no surprises during the race.

I accomplished the goal of completing the race within 24-25 minutes. I met my friend, Cal, a few minutes after crossing the finish line. Post-race, I hung out by the big screen tv with the age-graded results and the hot seat until it was time for the award ceremony. During the award ceremony, it started getting sunny and hot.

The race went well and I am looking forward in running it again next year.