New job, goals, and training plan

Around 6 weeks ago, I was hired and started a new job. While I was hired to work the swing shift, I worked the first two weeks in the morning shift while receiving job training. After completing my job training and I’m currently stuck working the morning shift, it has conflicted with my CIM training schedule. I am not able to make 9RUN6’s weekly runs and workouts in the morning. Since my job requires a lot of physical work, I am usually exhausted by the time I get home around 3-3:30pm and it is very hard for me to get my longer runs in as well as mileage for the Run the Parkway 20-Miler and California International Marathon.

New job

From my last blog post, I listed some goals I wanted to accomplish for Urban Cow and CIM, but they will have to be adjusted according the amount of time I have available with my new job. First, I have maintained my body weight and have not gain/loss much at all. I wanted to increase my weekly mileage from around 40ish miles to a peak of 70 miles before tapering for CIM, but that will be adjusted to a peak of 50mpw and completing the marathon (instead of a sub-4hour marathon).

For Urban Cow, my goal was to run a sub-2hour half marathon and I was able to accomplish that. I came really close to two hours due to being behind on training. I took two weeks off due to knee/ankle injuries, as well as, another month of reduced mileage due to overtraining. I saw my times for the FroYo Run, Race for the Arts, and the Buffalo Stampede suffering. At one point, I was not even able to get below a 9min/mile pace for my training runs. After bouncing back, I was only running 10-25mpw with my new job before the Urban Cow Half.

I hope everyone’s training is going well!